Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pro Tool 4u and the Axiom Pro 49 Keyboard

Pro Tools 4u , is just a blog to help some of you out if you had the same situation as I did with a PC running a quad tetrabyte Processor and , have a Pro Axiom 49 , I cannot speak for any other product that M-Audio or Avid may have , but I can help with the setup of this Instrument and in the windows 64 bit 7 Home Premium version. I thought I would give back what was given to me.
This Blog just opened and I will tell you this on setting up your Pro Axiom 49 keyboard with windows 7 64 bit and using Pro Tools 8.04c Version, because that is the version I had three weeks of issues with. The Forums are quite confusing, and the information is also, One person 's theories will not work for anothers and the post are old, This Post is written on 1.18.2011, So if any changes have occured then I am sorry for my misleading information. I will explain what I did first and then you can try the same.
#1 When you take the Pro Axiom 49 keyboard out of the box , DO NOT USE THE CD that came with the product, the main files in Pro Tools version 8.o has your personality files in them allready for the the axiom, is what I was told, I am still not sure if that is true, but I will just go ahead and tell you this. If you are not in a hurry and can wait till the next business day. Sign up on the Avid sight and look at your paperwork that came with the Axiom, You Get one free phone call to the Technical team at AVID and hopefully you will get a rep named,"Cameron" ask for him get his extension. Tell the rep that barely speaks your language if your English , that he is the only one that knows your issue, and take it from there on the setup. That is the number one thing to do. Period.
I will esxplain in a bit how not to setup your Windows 7 64 bit PC not Mac Pro Axiom Surface Controller.

The Pro Axiom is a surface controller, there are no sounds in which come out of this keyboard, the sounds are built into the software, for those who do not know this. There is a socket in the back of the keyboard that is an AC/DC plug , you do not need this if you are hooking up to a usb PC,(Now I am Talking about my setup), My Setup once again, Windows 7 64 bit running only Pro Tools 8.04c ( Update is version c) this is for the m-Powered ProTools, I know nothing about HD or LE. I have Fastrack as an Interface for my Mic and Guitar, Period. No elaborate stuff, but this is what makes Pro Tools so Kick ass. You Sound like your in a Recording Studio and it cost less than 1000.ooUSD at this writing. In fact my cheap electric guitars and Mic are less than Pro Tools, and Im on the charts on (Great site to see if people like your stuff). Ok Back to my confiquration , nothing elaborate except for the 64 bit windows 7. Ihighly Stress my system WINDOWS 7 64 BIT Running PRO TOOLS 8.04c , Thats it, no garage band or anything else.
This is what you do or the Instructions for setting your pro axiom 49 keyboard to a windows 7 64 bit running pro tools 8.04c. First off make sure you boot your pc off, then hook the USB cable to your keyboard, GO ahead and turn on the keyboard while you boot up your PC, its kinda picky if you try to turn your keyboard on while windows is on, it won't work,You have to re-boot, the instructions I was told was this, go to support/downloads at M-Audio and get the driver for your pro axiom , not from the disk, Do this first before you boot your pc up actually, then install the axiom driver and it should be in your programs directory. Make sure you pick windows 7 64 bit also in the download, do not change the file . Next step start up pro tools like you usually do, and when you get to the main screen chose options ( I Believe) where your Midi controller lies. and then there is a spot for Peripherals , this is all you should have to change, in pro tools, you go to peripherals and click in : Pro tools axiom 49 hyper control, then out the same file. Now do not flip out if you do not see the files, because thats wher I was at. There is a personality file that should also be loaded into your programs, where you can undelete as with your axiom file. If you find that you have no personaility file this is the start of your issue. Even though Pro Tools comes with a personality file, sometimes its not there? I know sounds wierd, I had to get mine from the tech that actually set up a stem as mine and he sent me a personality file to put in my common folders under DAE controllers. There are however three personality files on Avid's site, I cannot tell you which one works if any of them. I tried them all. The Kicker here is you need the personality file so your keyboard can go into hypermode, Which is sweet and you will know this when it works. So thats really it. You have to have the proper personality file in your DAE common files located under Programsx in windows. I hope that makes sence.
Another thing to re-clear your keyboard from all your mistakes , simple just turn the switch off(power) of the keyboard and put one finger on the plus sign and one on the minus sign of the calculator looking part of the keyboard, turn on the keyboard and depress these two at the same time and it resets itself to the default, very simple.
They Key things to remeber , Check for your personality file in programs, if you do not have it get it from technical service , or the Avid site, make sure you have the right one. Second thing is chage your settings in the pro tools peripherals tab to change controllers. Then re-boot, and hopefully you will be jamming. Email me if I can help further, the information was hard to find. If you need the name of the personality file I have let me know and I will try to pass it on.
This is it for now, stay tuned for more post. Hope Your Up and running.