Friday, February 4, 2011

Love Stinks, Oh Hell Yeah, Remeber that song, oh well how is the recording at home industry doing, ?Seduction of Music, This is wild Clik here!
Well I have not reread the new ProTools 9.0 software yet , and I don't expect it for a while, Just Getting use to Recording in Pro Tools 8.0 is a headache sometimes, The Home Recording industry is overwhelming my pocket book, yet I love the program,. To sound like a major label musician , well there is nothing like it, Pro Tools Recording  software does that and more. You can manipulate sounds and voices,and I am always finding new ways to mix-down my tunes. Im on Click and all my songs are on the charts and I suck. really if it was not for Pro Tools Recording Software Id be in a rut. I know there is Garage Band and the Like, yet I can only afford one big time studio production software that I can master,I will let you in on a hint , is on you,. Who is she well she is a learnign type site with videos on Pro tools and how to tweak this and that, take a search for you first then Lynda videos on Pro Tools , a wealth of information that will help you get started and even after you get started running Recordings. Thats it for today, Have a good one. Rock On

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