Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot To Promote Music and Your Selves and Pro Tools 9

Information on Music Promotion I just made a few comments on music promotion on Hub Pages and I thought I should share it here. Music Promotion is not the topic for Pro Tools , yet for some of us to promote and receive accreditation for our work it's fun to put out music out there to see if someone likes it or not. I really do not car, I enjoy my Pro Tools and the Axiom makes my life easier to work on music projects at night when I'm playing. I am a one man band, and there are some examples   in the link above so you can judge me, let me know what you think about the noise. Pro Tools 9 , I have read about it , I just can't afford it at this point, maybe some of you have already received this, I think they should promote an upgrade for M Powered 8 users as myself, yet no word on that yet. I don't much care for the Avid site , it's so darn hard to find what your looking for, that is my complaint on that web site, yet the products rock, and I highly push these to my friends, that want to do what I do and that is having a whole band over at my room and when it's only me, I get some question mark looks and that feels good. The Pro Tools 9 Version is suppose to have more Virtual Instruments and I bet they are fun to use, I am at a 6 month point with  my Pro Tools and I have not even touched some of the sounds in Pro Tools 8 So I am in no hurry, just a word of caution, sometimes M-Audio pushes products out faster than you can configure them , ,their technical department is excellent and they speak English so this should not be too much of a problem.
Christopher Hyer2.24.2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Building a Home Recording studio Cheap If you click on the link to the left of this you will get some idea as to what type of recording studio equipment I am using . I have to go the cheap route , Yes the less than 2000.00 USD route for my music recording studio and I have not lost any quality at all, I am happy with it for the money, Now would I like a new guitar and some Drums, sound good, of course, as long as their are instruments, Virtual or otherwise I am interested in them, as well as recording gear, yet some of the gear flies way over my head and that is why I chose to stay with M-audio, because of the versatility of the software and the clrity and actully have had no problems with any part of AVID hardware or the M_audio software, just getting it started has been the most difficult part of the setup. If any help is needed please do no hesitate to contact me on this type of set up , because I have screwed it all up and fixed it more than once, and with windows 7 64 bit the control surface or keyboard is the most difficult to setup , Yet once set up what a babe she is to play.Have a great day and I hope this link will open your ears and wpen your minds to the possibility of setting your own stuff up.
Christopher Hyer 2.17.2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

I put some videos down below on pro tools, scroll down my Recording in Pro Tools Updates are soon!
Love Stinks, Oh Hell Yeah, Remeber that song, oh well how is the recording at home industry doing, ?Seduction of Music, This is wild Clik here!
Well I have not reread the new ProTools 9.0 software yet , and I don't expect it for a while, Just Getting use to Recording in Pro Tools 8.0 is a headache sometimes, The Home Recording industry is overwhelming my pocket book, yet I love the program,. To sound like a major label musician , well there is nothing like it, Pro Tools Recording  software does that and more. You can manipulate sounds and voices,and I am always finding new ways to mix-down my tunes. Im on Click and all my songs are on the charts and I suck. really if it was not for Pro Tools Recording Software Id be in a rut. I know there is Garage Band and the Like, yet I can only afford one big time studio production software that I can master,I will let you in on a hint , is on you,. Who is she well she is a learnign type site with videos on Pro tools and how to tweak this and that, take a search for you first then Lynda videos on Pro Tools , a wealth of information that will help you get started and even after you get started running Recordings. Thats it for today, Have a good one. Rock On