Monday, August 8, 2011

Making Pro Tools Work FOr You

Making Pro Tools work for you and not against you is the focus this article is about. You can have all  the wings and dings and guitars and electronica instruments, yet if you don';t know how to setup the whole thing , it is a total waste of money and time. This is a point where you have to ask your self, do I need all this stuff for my one man band or even several member band. I have noticed that there are certain tools in Pro Tools 8.0 that I just don't use or will ever use at this point in my recording. Let me through into this article which is a great place for people like me who make tunes for fun and not a living. I have made a few dollars off this site and it only runs 10.00 a month. You get ratings and chart locations that tell you how well you are doing. It is a great avenue to see what others thing of your music. It is also a great avenue to see if your worth a darn.

 Back to what I was saying there are some tools in the program in Pro Tools that I will never use, and even though it is grat to have them avaibale to use, don't fret over them if you don;'t use them. To be quite honest I have this program running just good enough that I can mix master and cut a MP3. There is so much I don't know about this program, and that is what makes it so nice to be straight forward with you., mabee buying a book or listening to some of the online guides to Pro Tools will help you out where you are stuck in like editing , is my down fall, and this is so important to get the sound right. So study up on the program on occasion  to see what you can use and not use. Have a Rockin Day..8.8.2011

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