Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot To Promote Music and Your Selves and Pro Tools 9

Information on Music Promotion I just made a few comments on music promotion on Hub Pages and I thought I should share it here. Music Promotion is not the topic for Pro Tools , yet for some of us to promote and receive accreditation for our work it's fun to put out music out there to see if someone likes it or not. I really do not car, I enjoy my Pro Tools and the Axiom makes my life easier to work on music projects at night when I'm playing. I am a one man band, and there are some examples   in the link above so you can judge me, let me know what you think about the noise. Pro Tools 9 , I have read about it , I just can't afford it at this point, maybe some of you have already received this, I think they should promote an upgrade for M Powered 8 users as myself, yet no word on that yet. I don't much care for the Avid site , it's so darn hard to find what your looking for, that is my complaint on that web site, yet the products rock, and I highly push these to my friends, that want to do what I do and that is having a whole band over at my room and when it's only me, I get some question mark looks and that feels good. The Pro Tools 9 Version is suppose to have more Virtual Instruments and I bet they are fun to use, I am at a 6 month point with  my Pro Tools and I have not even touched some of the sounds in Pro Tools 8 So I am in no hurry, just a word of caution, sometimes M-Audio pushes products out faster than you can configure them , ,their technical department is excellent and they speak English so this should not be too much of a problem.
Christopher Hyer2.24.2011

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