Thursday, February 17, 2011

Building a Home Recording studio Cheap If you click on the link to the left of this you will get some idea as to what type of recording studio equipment I am using . I have to go the cheap route , Yes the less than 2000.00 USD route for my music recording studio and I have not lost any quality at all, I am happy with it for the money, Now would I like a new guitar and some Drums, sound good, of course, as long as their are instruments, Virtual or otherwise I am interested in them, as well as recording gear, yet some of the gear flies way over my head and that is why I chose to stay with M-audio, because of the versatility of the software and the clrity and actully have had no problems with any part of AVID hardware or the M_audio software, just getting it started has been the most difficult part of the setup. If any help is needed please do no hesitate to contact me on this type of set up , because I have screwed it all up and fixed it more than once, and with windows 7 64 bit the control surface or keyboard is the most difficult to setup , Yet once set up what a babe she is to play.Have a great day and I hope this link will open your ears and wpen your minds to the possibility of setting your own stuff up.
Christopher Hyer 2.17.2011

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